State and regional leaders address South Florida’s water crisis and urge aggressive action to protect the water supply

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Environmental groups and community leaders convened on June 23 in Fort Myers at Centennial Park along the Caloosahatchee River urging aggressive action to protect Florida’s water supply.  Of particular concern are the toxic and noxious blue-green algal blooms plaguing the Caloosahatchee River. Kirk Fordham, CEO of the Everglades Foundation explained, “While these algal blooms are [...]

Pavese Law Firm partner Eric D. Molina admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar

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Pavese Law Firm partner Eric D. Molina has been admitted to practice as a member and an officer of the U.S. Supreme Court. To be admitted to the Supreme Court Bar, attorneys must be admitted to the highest court of the state in which they practice, and their application must be sponsored by two current [...]

Pavese Law Firm’s Christina Harris Schwinn introduces Junior Achievement CEO Academy participants to real-world strategies for starting a business

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Pavese Law Firm partner Christina Harris Schwinn spoke to entrepreneurial-minded teens on June 21 during Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida’s annual CEO Academy. Schwinn, whose primary practice areas include employment law, business transactions, community association law and real estate law, provided students with background on the legal and financial considerations when forming a new business, [...]

Another “extreme home makeover” in North Fort Myers

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Builders Care, with the help of several local Lee Building Industry Association (BIA) members and volunteers, has completed renovations at the home of the Burge family in North Fort Myers. The two-week project included the complete remodel of the kitchen and both bathrooms to include a roll-in shower for handicap accessibility, three wheelchair ramps, a [...]

Dr. Alexander Eaton develops new test to help predict a patient’s risk of developing steroid-induced glaucoma

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Retina Health Center Director Dr. Alexander Eaton has presented new research on the identification of genetic markers that may predict a patient’s predisposition to steroid-induced glaucoma. Used to control inflammation following eye surgery and for a number of ocular conditions, steroid medications are one of the most commonly used eye medications. Development of glaucoma is [...]

Congratulations to Norman Love Confections, Named 2011 Florida Retailer of the Year Award for Leadership

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From a new release by the Florida Retail Federation ( The Florida Retail Federation has named Norman Love, owner of Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers; Laurie Olshefski, owner of Shimmering Seas Jewelry & Gifts, Panama City Beach; and Jesse White, owner of Sarasota Architectural Salvage as the 2011 recipients of the prestigious Retailer of the [...]

Builders Care completes work on two homes for individuals with disabilities

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Lehigh Acres homeowner Mitzi Phillips, 44, has suffered with a serious heart condition for several years. She has endured a total of nine heart operations and four pacemakers and relies on special oxygen machines twenty four hours a day. On the other side of I-75 is the Knight family, who also live with disabilities. Their [...]

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