Priority Marketing has successfully worked with numerous law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to create Cold Case Playing Cards to help solve crimes.

Cold Case Cards are customized for each jurisdiction, displaying victims’ photos and information on unsolved homicide and missing person cases.

The decks are distributed in prisons and probation offices to reach individuals who might have information on the difficult-to-solve crimes featured in each deck. Card holders can call a cold-case hotline listed on the card with tips and information. So far authorities have received dozens of tips, and several cold cases have been solved as a direct result of information distributed through the Cold Case Cards.
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Making A Difference

“Creating Idaho’s first deck of cold case playing cards was incredibly daunting at first, until I made contact with Ava from Priority Marketing. Ava and her team were instrumental in walking me through all aspects of the project, down to final printing and shipment. These cards are now distributed in the Idaho inmate system in hopes new tips are received in cold cases. I appreciate the excellent communication, collaboration, patience and above all kindness showed by Ava and all involved employees.

I recommend them without hesitation!”

The Facts:

In 2007, a game of Go Fish in a Florida prison led to a tip that solved a three-year-old murder.

14 Cases Solved in Florida.

10 Cases Solved in South Carolina.

17 states where decks are distributed, 40 cases have been solved, and hundreds of tips have come in through the phone lines.

Connecticut’s first 2 decks generated 470 tips from inmates.

A total of 9 Connecticut cold cases have been solved as a result of the playing card program, Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane told Slate.

As of April 2015, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has received more than 60 tips from inmates using the cards.

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