Physician and author Andrew Weil, one of the world’s foremost authorities on health, wellness and integrative medicine, will host the next event of the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples. The Harvard M.D. combines traditional and alternative medicine, advancing the practice of integrative medicine which takes account of the whole person (body, mind and spirit). Renowned as the “father of integrative medicine,” Weil will enchant attendees with his passion for inspiring others to live their healthiest lives.

“Dr. Weil has bridged tradition and innovation in his medical work. His holistic approach to medicine is pioneering,” says Rick Borman, Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series president and producer. “It’s an honor to have Dr. Weil present his healthful insights during the 2012 Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series.”

Named one of “the world’s 100 most influential people” by TIME, Weil worked for the National Institutes of Health before traveling to North and South America and Africa to study the ancient tradition of medicinal plants and how other cultures treated disease. Today, Weil serves as the Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine, which is known for revolutionizing the ways people use plants, mind/body interactions, and nutrition to heal their bodies and improve their quality of life. The author of six No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, Weil’s eleventh and latest book Spontaneous Happiness was released November 2011.  Here, Weil redefines the notion of happiness and demonstrates the limitations of the biochemical model of mental health.

Dr. Weil inspires many with his integrative medicine approach through platforms such as, his monthly column featured in Prevention Magazine or one of his many guest appearances on shows including Dr. Oz, Oprah, Good Morning America, NPR’s Fresh Air, The Today Show and many others.

Dr. Weil headlines the Feb. 1 event of the sold-out 2012 Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series. The other two remaining speakers for the 2012 lineup include world-renowned endurance artist, David Blaine on Thursday, March 1; and former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday, March 20. Visit or call 239-659-6524.

In addition to the series lineup, Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker series is hosting a Special Event featuring Fox News Anchor Bret Baier on Saturday, Feb. 25 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples. To secure tickets to the special event, visit or call 239-659-6524.

Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speakers is the premier non-profit lecture series in Naples, Fla. Continuously operating and producing four lectures per season since 1983, Town Hall was the first to bring cultural programming to the area and remains the forerunner in presentation of world leaders, experts in the fields of economics, history and science, as well as cultural icons. Past speakers have included several former U.S. Presidents including George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, and George W. Bush; media icons Sam Donaldson, Tim Russert and Cokie Roberts; as well as global leaders such as Benazir Bhutto and President of Israel Shimon Peres.