Builders Care, the nonprofit arm of the Lee Building Industry Association (BIA), along with BIA members, recently teamed up to help a local young boy in need. The team installed a new sidewalk at the home of Sean Brunelle, a 9-year-old boy with a rare spinal disease.

Sean Brunelle is like any other young boy – wide eyed, funny and full of life. But unlike most children his age, he has trouble riding a bike, jumping and even walking. Sean has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III (SMA), also known as Kugelberg-Welander Disease. The disease causes the loss of nerve cells in the spinal cord affecting control of voluntary muscle movement.

For Sean, who shares his home with his two sisters, one brother and his parents, everyday activities are extremely dangerous. His muscles can go out at any moment, which could lead to a fall. If Sean were to experience a broken bone, his healing time would be several months, if at all. Still, Sean is a lively young boy and has a special bike he rides for muscle therapy.

Sean’s home needed a new sidewalk to improve his mobility and to prevent falls. Local sub-contractors and BIA members donated all of the materials and construction services for the project. Companies contributing to the project include Bell & Cook Masonry and Concrete, Cape Cement & Supply and Mark’s Dumpsters. Construction services are valued at more than $1,500.

Builders Care is the nonprofit charitable arm of the Lee Building Industry Association (BIA). Its objective is to provide emergency repairs and construction services to elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged people who are unable to obtain home repairs through traditional means. Builders Care enlists the volunteer services of Lee BIA members and leverages grants and donated materials to provide construction and remodeling services to qualified homeowners throughout Lee County. Most recent top corporate sponsors include Armadillo Underground and Real Estate Investment Society. Builders Care is headquartered at the Lee BIA offices at 4210 Metro Parkway, Suite 100, Fort Myers FL 33916. Donations can be made online at or to the Builders Care general fund at any Colonial Bank. More information is available by calling 239-938-0056.