At the forefront of a trend in medicine, local orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Curcione has installed a new electronic medical records (EMR) system that already has increased efficiency and improved patient care. The system now will be installed throughout the Athletic Orthopaedic Reconstruction Center practice, where he is a partner. In addition to the EMR from MD Logic, the practice has also added new patient information kiosks and digital X-rays to improve patient care. The EMR system was installed in his Lehigh and Fort Myers offices in March 2008 and completion in all of the Athletic Orthopaedic Reconstruction Center practice locations will be completed in November 2009.

“Electronic medical records provide immediate access to patient information,” said Curcione. “For example, a patient comes in with recurring hip pain. Using the EMR, I can immediately access his patient record to review his previous diagnosis, prior test results and document any new complaints. Very quickly, I have accurate, up-to-date information to help me make the best decisions for my patient.”


With increased focus from the federal government to move to a paperless, automated health care environment, more hospitals and providers are implementing electronic medical record solutions to improve efficiency, realize cost savings and increase quality of care.


“With the implementation of the EMR system, I have noticed a significant increase in the quality of time I am spending with patients,” said Curcione. “My staff more quickly finds charts online and I can access my patient’s records from almost anywhere. Because medical billing codes are more quickly and accurately extracted from the system, I am more confident that our billing process will also be more accurate and efficient. In addition, we are saving costs and the environment by moving to a paperless operation.”

In addition to computerizing patient records, the practice also added touch screen patient kiosks in exam rooms. Instead of completing paper medical history forms, patients can more quickly and accurately enter in their medical complaint, their medical and surgical history, medications, family history, allergies and other medical background.


“The patient’s medical history is immediately available to our practice so we can review and update the patient record as needed,” said Curcione. “There is no re-entering information or trying to decipher a patient’s handwriting. Not only are we saving time, but we are getting the most accurate information and reducing the risk for error.” 

The transition from paper forms to computerized records includes the addition of advanced medical imaging. Large bulky X-rays are replaced by digital images that are now stored on the computer and can be accessed in patient exam rooms and physician work stations. 


“We’ve done away with the old style of multiple X-rays kept in sleeves that had to be viewed from a special X-ray viewing light and wall box,” explains Curcione. “We can immediately pull up a patient’s X-ray to review it during the exam. While the new systems and technology are an investment for our practice, automating patient care is the direction of medical technology, the mandate from the federal government and in the best interest of our patients.”

About Dr. Curcione:

Dr. Curcione is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon and a partner in the Athletic Orthopaedic Reconstruction Center. With offices in Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres, Curcione has served patients in Southwest Florida since 1997. His specialty training and interests include joint replacement surgery, including minimally-invasive procedures such as the anterior approach to hip replacement. In addition, Curcione is experienced and trained in treating disorders of the shoulder and the hand, including fracture care, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis care and reconstructive surgery of the hand. He is trained in arthroscopic shoulder surgery, specifically, all arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs and ligament repairs, as well as arthroscopic reconstruction of the shoulder. He takes great care to keep up to date with the most cutting-edge technologies and procedures to optimally serve his patients.

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