The Priority Marketing team recently underwent continuing education on QR Tags and the impact they have on advertising. Priority Marketing Production Manager and QR Tags expert, Kim Barrera led the team through an interactive learning session about this innovative marketing tool. Below are a few highlights from the presentation that may benefit your business.    

What is a QR Tag?

A QR Tag is a printed code that you can snap with your smart phone to automatically link to online content and information. QR Tags let you effortlessly connect to interactive experiences from your mobile phone, instantly transforming interest into action.

To utilize QR Tags, the customer first downloads the Microsoft Tag Reader, which works on Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and J2ME phones. Then, they can scan a QR Tag they see in advertising, in store, on televisions, or elsewhere to instantly access more information about a topic, product or service of interest.

Why use a QR Tag?

  • QR Tags offer customers an interactive experience that is accessible from their mobile phone
  • QR Tags add dimension and creativity to a product or marketing campaign
  • With built-in-tracking, QR Tags give access to data that can help make effective decisions about marketing and advertising campaigns
  • The customer can experience immediate engagement and interest with your brand or product  
  • QR Tags can deliver information in an instant without typing in a URL code or searching the Internet for specific content

What places can I use a QR Tag?

The range of places where businesses can successfully use a Tag is endless. With a QR Tag it is easy to incorporate your marketing campaigns across web, mobile, video and print media.

  • Print
  • Online/Offline Advertising 
  • TV
  • Billboards
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Events

If you are interested in expanding marketing opportunities for your business through QR Tags contact us at Priority Marketing. We can provide counsel and help you create a marketing strategy that is customized to meet your business goals. For more information on implementing QR Tags and other social marketing tools to increase exposure for you and your business, visit our website or call 239-267-2638.

Learn how companies have used Microsoft Tags to showcase their products and connect with customers. To Download a Tag Reader for you mobile phone or create a QR Tag visit: