Priority Marketing values light bulbTo thrive in a competitive marketplace, every business needs strong values and a strong company culture. 

Establishing a clear set of company values lets employees, customers, clients and the community know exactly what your company stands for. 

What do your company’s values say about your business? 

At Priority Marketing, those guiding principles include words like responsive, accountable, optimistic, resourceful and integrity. Values also include phrases such as take initiative, be passionate, show character and solution-driven. In all, there are 37 words and phrases. They aren’t just buzzwords pulled from an HR handbook, though. They are the values that guide our company. These guiding principles have established a foundation of success for Priority Marketing and its client partners. These words are used daily – in the way we talk to each other, our clients, vendors and community partners. 

VIDEO: How our company values add value

To thrive in today’s marketplace, businesses must differentiate themselves from the competition. 

What would make a customer or client chose your business over a competitor? It can be better products, superior service, lower prices, larger inventory, convenience or many other factors. 

Similarly, what would make a business-to-business (B2B) partner choose you over a competitor? Values. Businesses and nonprofits want to work with like-minded organizations that share similar values, ideals and goals. 

These guiding principles are the collective agreements about how we will behave to internal and external audiences. Values form the basis of a company’s overall workplace culture. That’s why it’s so important to have a deliberate approach to establishing company values and reflecting them every day. 

Below are four examples of values that Priority Marketing emphasizes in its day-to-day business interactions: 

Value: Proactive 

One of the keys to a successful marketing plan is to take a proactive approach by developing a plan that aligns with a client’s business goals. This entails a collaborative team effort with solution-driven professionals to ensure that clients are connecting with their target audiences with concise messaging, the right timing and optimal marketing strategies. 

Value: Caring 

When companies care for their employees, their clients, their partners and community, everyone benefits. It starts at the leadership level by establishing a work environment founded on respect, integrity and kindness. When caring is engrained in the culture, it trickles down to everyone who interacts with your organization. Listening is a great way to show you care for customers, clients and co-workers, and really get to know them on a deeper level. 

Value: Professional 

Reflecting a professional image goes beyond how we dress, communicate and behave. It’s also about how we deliver exceptional service, honor commitments and demonstrate accountability in all that we do for everyone we interact with both inside and outside the office.   

Value: Creative 

Successful marketing requires the marriage of two very powerful forces: creativity and logic. Priority Marketing has accomplished its award-winning, results-driven marketing campaigns through its Creative Logic approach. Too often considered mutually exclusive, creativity and logic work best together. Team members combine their passion and curiosity to inspire creative solutions for clients on a day-to-day basis. 

Values help form a company’s identity. They should be ingrained in every interaction, from internal meetings and watercooler chats to client presentations and customer communications. 

Successful, thriving businesses, as well as the employees who work there, should live and breathe the company’s established values. This ultimately gives businesses a competitive advantage and head start in reaching their ultimate goals. 

Note: An excerpt of this blog appeared in the August 2021 edition of Southwest Florida Business Today. 

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