Three reasons every business needs a blog on its website

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Blogging was once viewed as a hobby, a way to self-publish unfiltered thoughts, stories and opinions on a website. Later, social media essentially replaced the blog as a self-publishing tool.  In recent years, though, blogging has reemerged as a necessity for businesses and nonprofits. Today, blogs help businesses spread the word about their products and services. [...]

7 elements to an effective news release

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The news industry continues to evolve as media organizations identify new mediums and platforms to deliver content.  Yet, despite industry changes, the most effective way for businesses and organizations to generate awareness is by distributing news releases. Americans are still consuming news at a very high rate, according to Pew Research Center. In fact, Nielsen reports that adults now are spending more than half of their day [...]

Lunch, Learn and Laugh: Blogging 101

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Yesterday, the Priority Marketing team enjoyed some great food, shared a few laughs and learned some valuable tips at our team Lunch, Learn and Laugh: Blogging 101. Our own blog experts Krista Cartee and Kim Geary led the other departments through an interactive learning session about blogging. Below are a few highlights from the presentation. [...]

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