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New book about Burmese pythons spotlights Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s efforts to save Florida’s ecosystem

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The Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s groundbreaking research into Burmese pythons is featured in a newly released book that documents the species’ emergence as Florida’s apex predator. Written by author Kate Messner, “Tracking Pythons: The Quest to Catch an Invasive Predator and Save an Ecosystem” explains how Burmese pythons began breeding in Florida and are impacting [...]

Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples Zoo expand partnership to research Burmese pythons

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Naples Zoo to donate $75,000 toward Conservancy’s python research program The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens established a partnership to advance Burmese python research and education in Southwest Florida. The two longtime neighbors on the Gordon River Greenway in Naples will study the impact of Burmese pythons on native wildlife. [...]

Conservancy of Southwest Florida documents largest predator-to-prey size ratio for a Burmese Python

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The Conservancy of Southwest Florida documented a Burmese python eating a white-tailed deer that weighed more than the python itself.  This is believed to be the largest predator/prey ratio ever documented for the Burmese python, and possibly for any species of python. The findings will be published in the March 2018 issue of Herpetological Review. [...]

Conservancy of Southwest Florida shows python necropsy and breeding season results

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Efforts concentrate on disrupting python egg-laying cycles More than four years of research is yielding remarkable results in the study and management of the invasive Burmese python in Southwest Florida. Over the course of four breeding seasons, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s wildlife biologists have removed more than 6,500 pounds of python and more than [...]

Conservancy of Southwest Florida reports on python research efforts, including removal of pythons totaling more than one ton

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In the last 90 days, Conservancy of Southwest Florida biologists and research partners have removed more than one ton of pythons from Collier County. Among the 43 snakes removed, was the largest male python on record in South Florida, weighing more than 140 pounds and measuring more than 16 feet in length, which was discovered [...]