Social media influencers grow brand awareness, increase sales

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Social media influencers wield power. With thousands or even millions of followers, this group of super-users commands attention.  That’s why many businesses have tapped social media influencers as brand ambassadors. In addition to increasing brand awareness, social media influencers can help drive foot traffic, website visits and sales. For nonprofits, social media influencers can inspire [...]

Facebook breakdown: Boosted posts vs. paid ads

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Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, and it’s free to use. However, businesses and nonprofits recognize that truly harnessing the power of Facebook might mean paying for its services.  Boosted posts and paid ads offer opportunities to stay connected and relevant with followers while reaching new audiences. Both options are effective.  Executing a successful social media strategy requires a combination of paid and organic tactics. [...]

PierSide Grill and Famous Blowfish Bar launches Sunset Photo Contest

2016-11-09T16:50:48-05:00November 9th, 2016|Categories: Media Relations, News, Public Relations|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

PierSide Grill and Famous Blowfish Bar has launched a Sunset Photo Contest, running now through April 30, 2017. Beach-goers are invited to share their photos of a sunset on Fort Myers Beach on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #PierSideGrillSunsets. One winner will be chosen monthly at random for a chance to win dinner for [...]

Facebook Releases “Instant Articles” Feature

2016-11-08T14:59:19-05:00April 15th, 2016|Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Tips 2016, Social Media|Tags: , , |

Picture this – you’re on your mobile device, skimming Facebook for your morning news, and you come across an article that seems interesting. You click on the post and, instead of staring at a white screen for what feels like an eternity, the article, blog or editorial loads – instantly. Read more about the latest [...]

Lee BIA Builders Care launches Ugliest Backyard Contest

2016-11-08T15:00:26-05:00October 22nd, 2013|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

Winner of the ugliest backyard to receive a new outdoor living space Is your backyard in need of a makeover? Lee Building Industry Association’s (BIA) Builders Care is hosting the Ugliest Backyard in Lee County contest on Facebook beginning Oct. 23. The winner will receive a new outdoor space complete with paver patio, grill, plants [...]

How Facebook hashtags help your marketing efforts

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Recently, Facebook announced that users will now be able to use clickable hashtags for the first time on the social networking site. From a marketing standpoint, this opens up new possibilities for marketing your Facebook page to users who have not yet liked your page, just as you would use hashtags to promote your tweets [...]

Know Your Social Media Outlets

2016-11-08T15:01:14-05:00November 17th, 2010|Categories: Marketing|Tags: , , , , |

At Priority Marketing, we implement social media programs for a variety of clients, which are customized to their individual needs to reach the appropriate audiences. Usually, we provide an integrated program, utilizing a variety of social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. Here’s an overview of each of these social media outlets [...]

Using “The Social Network” for your business

2016-11-08T15:01:15-05:00October 15th, 2010|Categories: Hot Tips, Marketing, Social Media, Texas Marketing Forum|Tags: , , , |

“The Social Network” tells the story behind the fastest growing phenomenon in Internet history, Facebook. The movie introduces the intelligent, sarcastic and obsessive Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. It all starts in a Harvard dorm room when Zuckerberg and best friend, Eduardo Saverin, create “The Facebook.” “I’m talking about taking the entire social experience of [...]

Targeting the Social-Media Generation

2016-11-08T15:01:17-05:00August 15th, 2010|Categories: Hot Tips, Social Media, Texas Marketing Forum|Tags: , , , , |

A recent Advertising Age article titled How to Get the Social-Media Generation Behind Your Cause describes a generation of 20-somethings who support or denounce a cause by “hitting the ‘like’ button on Facebook or posting a hashtag on Twitter.” According the featured study, there are strategies for getting this target market behind your cause, but the [...]

The Science of Social Media: It’s all about strategy!

2016-11-08T15:01:22-05:00May 4th, 2010|Categories: Hot Tips, Social Media, Texas Marketing Forum|Tags: , , , |

We’ve said it before, and now we have a few more new stats to back it up: How you use social media is more important than how much you use it. According to the world’s leading marketing and media information company, Nielson, having an ad on Facebook or a Facebook page with lots of fans [...]

Sun Splash launches Facebook and Twitter pages

2016-11-08T15:01:24-05:00February 5th, 2010|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

One week after announcing the 2010 season opening day and operating schedule, Sun Splash Family Waterpark has launched new Facebook and Twitter pages and generated immediate fan support with an online contest. Sun Splash will open for the 2010 season on Saturday, March 13.   Sun Splash launched the Facebook and Twitter pages Feb. 2 [...]

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