Conservancy of Southwest Florida documents largest Burmese python in Florida

2022-06-22T13:31:55-04:00June 22nd, 2022|Categories: Media Relations, News, Public Relations|Tags: , , , , , , |

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has announced record-breaking developments in its invasive Burmese python research program with the documentation of the largest python found to date in Florida. The female python measured nearly 18 feet in length and weighed in at 215 pounds. A team of wildlife biologists at the Conservancy recently discovered and captured [...]

Conservancy of Southwest Florida partners with the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida to expand program to control Burmese pythons in Southwest Florida

2021-09-21T10:52:38-04:00September 21st, 2021|Categories: Media Relations, News|Tags: , , , , |

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida in partnership with the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida reports the success of expanding its sentinel snake program targeting invasive Burmese pythons that are devastating native species across the Greater Everglades. Through the collaboration, an additional 10 adult male “scout snakes” were captured and implanted with radio-transmitters to lead [...]

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