Google reviews are vital component of strategic digital marketing

2022-12-19T13:11:52-05:00December 19th, 2022|Categories: Blogging|Tags: , , , |

Google reviews are a trusted online review platform, much like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angi and Better Business Bureau reviews. Each platform offers valuable information, but positive Google reviews are monumentally important to businesses. They are a digital form of word-of-mouth that consumers use to offer opinions, insights and recommendations. Potential consumers rely on those unfiltered [...]

Three reasons every business needs a blog on its website

2021-07-28T15:32:08-04:00July 28th, 2021|Categories: Blogging|Tags: , , , |

Blogging was once viewed as a hobby, a way to self-publish unfiltered thoughts, stories and opinions on a website. Later, social media essentially replaced the blog as a self-publishing tool.  In recent years, though, blogging has reemerged as a necessity for businesses and nonprofits. Today, blogs help businesses spread the word about their products and services. [...]

Why Good SEO is Important to Your Business

2016-05-04T18:39:06-04:00May 4th, 2016|Categories: Marketing Tips 2016, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

What is SEO? It’s where your website falls in the “results” when customers search for your products or services. What is “good” SEO? Data shows most people clicking on one of the top three search results. Being in the top three search results, or at least on the first page, increases traffic to your website. [...]

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