Summer marketing strategies to ignite business

2022-04-27T10:18:59-04:00April 27th, 2022|Categories: Blogging|Tags: , , , |

Summer business in Southwest Florida was once a misnomer. That’s because there wasn’t much summer business.  In fact, some small businesses would close for several weeks or operate at reduced hours. There simply weren’t enough customers – and revenue – to keep the doors open year-round.  Times have changed.  Today, the region’s full-time population exceeds [...]

Avoid Common Summer Marketing Mistakes

2016-11-08T15:01:19-05:00June 7th, 2010|Categories: Hot Tips, Marketing|Tags: , , |

As seasonal residents return north and tourism winds down, many businesses make one of two major marketing mistakes. They either don’t change their marketing approach, or they eliminate marketing entirely. Avoid these mistakes and become aware of the opportunities presented by the summer slowdown to boost your business year-round. Understand the big picture The most [...]

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