In an age where getting the most bang for your buck tends to top the priority for many companies, online advertising has become a popular medium for advertisers. Static web banner ads and flash ads on popular sites, such as newspaper/media sites are not only affordable, but even more important – they are measurable. Very few advertising mediums can compete with the benefits offered through online venues.

 Here are some of the benefits to advertising online:

  • It is less expensive – Generally, online advertising costs less than print, outdoor, radio or television advertising. Pricing is based on the size of the ad and the impressions (how many people will see the ad). This allows you to control the level of exposure based on your budget restrictions.


  • It is measurable – one of the most important and beneficial attributes to online advertising is that WE CAN TRACK IT! Web site reporting from both the advertising Web site and the corporate client site can provide detailed reports on how many people have seen your ad and how many have clicked through to your Web site.  This provides a “click-through rate” (number of clicks divided by number of impression x 100 for a percentage). Google’s last study showed the National CTR Average to be .02-.1% (depending on the message in the ad). This benchmark allows you to assess the performance of an online ad and evaluate how the performance of the ad can be improved if necessary.

  • It is targeted – While traditional mediums like radio and cable television can provide targeted audiences for advertising, online advertising provides the best level of targeted advertising available. For example, on newspaper/publication Web sites, ads can be set-up on targeted tracks, such as a “real estate track” to run that ad on pages with articles related to real estate, assuming that people interested in real estate matters will be reading these articles. The reporting can tell us how many people viewed these pages (number of impressions of the ad).

  • It provides an immediate CALL TO ACTION for potential customers – Online ads allow potential customers to be interested in an ad for a product or service and instantly learn about the company/product/service by clicking on the ad. The easier it is for someone to find your product and your contact information when they are looking for it, the better. Online ads can even be directed to particular pages on a Web site for product-focused campaigns. For example, an ad promoting a special on plantation shutters can link directly to the company’s page about plantation shutter pricing and details.


  • It can be changed quickly – Typically, an online ad can be launched on a Web site within 72 hours of the artwork being submitted to the Web site/publication. This allows for more flexibility when clients desire to change messages and/or artwork for an ad.

At Priority Marketing, we assess our clients’ key messages and audiences and create targeted online advertising campaigns to generate qualified traffic to their Web sites.  Contact us at 239-267-2638 or for more information on online advertising for your company.