News is defined as a report of new information or recent events. But what makes a story newsworthy?

When looking to promote a client’s services, business, products or people, the media relations team at Priority Marketing looks for an angle that will appeal to both the media and the consumer. It must have that why factor: why should people care?

Here are some questions to ask when considering whether you have a newsworthy story to share:

-Timing: Is this story timely and relevant?  If it happened weeks or months ago, it might be old news. The media and consumers are interested in topics that are current and relevant. For example, are you using a new business strategy to help survive during challenging economic times?  This is timely as businesses look for new ways to survive or grow.

-Prominence: If someone is well-known within the community, the story is more appealing.

-Proximity: Is the story relevant to our community? Does it impact our neighbors, local businesses, schools or community organizations? Stories that happen close to home have the most impact.

-Human interest: Interesting people stories make news. Human interest stories appeal to emotion.

-Weirdness: Does the story have the weird factor?  Oddly enough, strange stories sell.

When in doubt, just ask. The media relations team at Priority Marketing is an experienced group of media professionals who work closely with the news media to promote our clients, their services, products, people and expertise. If you have an idea to share that you think may be newsworthy, please contact Priority Marketing at 239-267-2638.