We’ve said it before, and now we have a few more new stats to back it up: How you use social media is more important than how much you use it. According to the world’s leading marketing and media information company, Nielson, having an ad on Facebook or a Facebook page with lots of fans isn’t necessarily as powerful as having both. According to Ad Age’s review of the Neilson’s findings, Neilson: Facebook’s Ads Work Pretty Well, ad recall and intent to buy increase exponentially when users see a Facebook ad and see their Facebook friends are fans of the same company. Fascinating, isn’t it? This is one example in the rapidly growing body of research on Social Media that our team diligently follows. The bottom line is anyone can open an account on Facebook and Twitter or start a blog. In fact, 91% of businesses surveyed report using Social Media to market their products and services. However, results are best achieved through a strategic approach that takes the new science of Social Media into consideration. At Priority Marketing, that is what we do. We are strategically applying our knowledge of Social Media to achieve our client’s marketing goals each and every day and enjoying measurable results. It truly takes a team of dedicated professional to stay on top of this rapidly evolving new media and implement tactics effectively, and we encourage our clients to take full advantage of the valuable expertise we’re building in this area. Do you have a new Social Media stat or success story to share? What is your biggest question about Social Media marketing? Leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help you.