Video is the only way to tell a story with audio, visuals and movement, making it an extremely attractive and effective form of communication.

Videos are used to educate and enlighten, motivate and celebrate. They can demonstrate the value of a product or service by showing it in use. They can explore problems, challenges and solutions.

Video is everywhere – television, social media, websites, business meetings, webinars, tutorials and fundraising galas – and that’s exactly why a smart marketing strategy should include video as a key element.

Nielsen reports that adults in the U.S. watch an average of 5 hours, 46 minutes of video per day via televisions, computers, mobile devices and screens large and small. The reasons to elevate video in your marketing strategy are seemingly endless, from creating brand awareness and building trust to enhancing search engine optimization and boosting sales.

Priority Marketing excels in scriptwriting, directing, filming and editing video, including TV news packages, compelling commercials, dynamic presentations and eye-catching social media content.

In its latest Consumer Trends report, the video-making software company Animoto noted that 93% of businesses surveyed said they landed a new customer because of a video seen on social media. Similarly, Priority Marketing has created videos that were effective in achieving client goals, from engaging followers and selling products to increasing event attendance and generating donations.

Below are a few types of videos that have delivered exceptional results for our clients:


Southwest Florida has a wonderful philanthropic community supports so many terrific causes. Not every supporter or potential donor has an opportunity to visit a particular location and see firsthand the possible impact of their contribution, so videos help bring the location to them. Impactful, emotional and inspiring videos, when seen by the right audience, can heighten awareness for a cause, drive donations and spark volunteerism.

Priority Marketing partnered with the Ding Darling Wildlife Society to produce a compelling video urging support for the Wulfert Bayous Land Acquisition Campaign. Within a matter of weeks following the video’s completion, donors stepped forward with $3 million to help save pristine property from development.

An example of a Fund-A-Cause success was a 3-minute video created to showcase the impact of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s internship program. The video debuted at Magic Under the Mangroves and was a key element that helped the Conservancy raise a record-breaking $1,529,000 through its Fund-A-Cause at the gala.

Another recent example is a documentary-style SalusCare video featuring individuals who were personally impacted by mental health and substance abuse. The video was shown Aug. 17 at the organization’s fifth annual “Laughter is the Best Medicine” event, which raised a record $166,000 to support behavioral healthcare services in Southwest Florida.


For decades, businesses have effectively used commercials to increase awareness – and sales – of their products and services.

This Norman Love Confections spot showcases the chocolatier’s handcrafted ultra-premium chocolates as well as the artistry of chocolate-making in local salons.

Florida SouthWestern State College continues to broaden its scope after transitioning into a four-year college and is elevating its international education programs. The following video aims to spark student interest in study abroad programs.


Not every business or organization is well-known on the regional or national level, and videos can help increase brand recognition, particularly for a new product, service or location.

Shangri-La Springs in Bonita Springs recently opened its organic farm-to-table restaurant, Harvest & Wisdom, and used a video to showcase the property’s organic garden, chef and kitchen, as well as the delectable dishes on the restaurant’s seasonal menu.

Senior Choice at Home, a life care service offered by Volunteers of America, uses a video to introduce the stay-in-your-home model for senior living, incorporating facts about the service with testimonials from participating residents.


Also known as how-to videos, explainer videos offer a step-by-step manual of sorts that shows viewers how professionals and experts approach a task.

Priority Marketing began its FAQ Fridays series in 2018 to offer insight into the field of marketing, public relations, digital marketing and advertising. Each installment has become highly anticipated by the firm’s social media followers, and the series recently won an Award of Distinction through the Florida Public Relations Association’s Golden Image Awards program.


A website that features video is 53 times more likely to land on the first page of Google Search results because video is a chief component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Facebook’s algorithm also prioritizes video content, meaning users will see it more often in their news feeds, and the social media giant itself notes that video creates more loyalty among followers.

Made-for-social video can be a little more fun than traditional video, as evidenced by this recent video from Ocean Prime Naples. Social and website videos don’t necessarily need audio, either, since many users have their sound muted while watching.


Following any type of large event – fundraisers, auctions, championship games and even concerts – attendees can relive the experience through video. It’s a great strategy to recap an event, as well as generate excitement and anticipation leading into the next big event.

Priority Marketing helped produce a video following the 2017 Southwest Florida Wine & Food Fest that summarized fundraising totals and beneficiaries, thanked sponsors and previewed the 2018 event.


Rather than having an actor read from a script, testimonials features individuals with an emotional connection to the subject who are speaking their own words. Whether it’s an endorsement, explanation or recap of an event, seeing an individual on camera offers instant validation.

To introduce 2019 Business Hall of Fame, Lee County honorees Scott and Diana Willis, Priority Marketing created a background video for Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida that included interviews with the award recipients, incorporating testimonials from colleagues and friends as to why Scott and Diana were deserving of the award.

In a video prepared for the American College of Medicine, Lee Health incorporates testimonials to explain how the health system is empowering patients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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