Recently, Facebook announced that users will now be able to use clickable hashtags for the first time on the social networking site. From a marketing standpoint, this opens up new possibilities for marketing your Facebook page to users who have not yet liked your page, just as you would use hashtags to promote your tweets to users who are not yet following you on Twitter.

For example, a Facebook post about a sale at your store can include a popular hashtag such as #julyfourth. Your post will be included in any user’s search of #julyfourth, even if they have not liked your page. As a result, a user searching for posts about the holiday would discover it through their hashtag search, even if the user would not normally see your posts on his or her News Feed.

Many Facebook users are already familiar with the use of hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets, which have offered them as categorization tools for years. Therefore, it is likely Facebook users will quickly catch on, and businesses should begin using them to expand social media marketing outreach immediately.

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